Climate Emergency Workshop

What is the workshop?

This is a “Climate Emergency and what to do about it” education workshop.  It would typically last 1.5 hours and be delivered by a member of the Business Declares team.

The workshop covers;

  • The science around climate emergency and ecological breakdown
  • The underlying causes
  • How people might take action as individuals
  • How organisations might take action as businesses

Who is it for?

The workshop has been developed as an employee engagement tool and we have received positive feedback from organisations who have experienced it.

It is aimed at staff of all levels from Boards downwards and can be held for up to 100 people.

How long?

The session is 1.5 hours in total, including a 45 minute presentation and 45 minute facilitated workshop.

This format is flexible and can be amended to suit the group.


We are a volunteer led organisation and welcome donations to make our work possible. The donation would cover travel expenses for speakers, and provide income to Business declares to enable it to continue helping businesses declare a climate emergency. Fees will not be paid to the individual speaker.

For a not for profit organisation: £250
For an SME: £250 – £500
For a corporate: £1,000+

Contact us

Please let us know if you are interested in talking to one of our team who can provide more details and organise a session with you and your colleagues. Email us at or

To register your interest please complete the form.