How to declare

What does it mean to declare a climate and ecological emergency?

A declaration must lead to meaningful action and needs to be supported by the Board, Executive Team and have staff support within the organisation.

We recognise this process needs consultation and support and can take due process within large organisations.

Many companies will write their own declaration wording, that best suits their context. Get in touch to discuss further.

Download our Steps to Declare

What is the business
committing to?

By Declaring with the Business Declares network, you are committing to action:

Developing a ‘Climate Emergency Plan’.

Bring to Executive and board within 6 months.

Publishing a board resolution.

Share publicly this declaration and report your ‘Climate Emergency Plan’ progress annually.

Accelerating current trajectory.

Ensure the ‘Climate Emergency Plan’ represents an acceleration of your current trajectory and actions are 1) in line with what is needed to reach net zero timescale between 2025-2050 and 2) keeps the planet within 1.5 degrees.

Setting interim targets.

Design realistic milestones which allow for business reconfiguration with appropriate interim targets if net zero is beyond 2030.

Sharing best practices.

Connect and engage with your peers.

Advocating for change.

Encourage staff and stakeholders to take action.

For practical step on how to declare and what to do next, we recommend How to Declare A Climate Emergency Playbook developed by UK B Corporations and B Lab UK.